Universal Fire Extinguisher Pattress

The UKs first magnetic fire extinguisher pattress enables you to hang your fire extinguishers on metal surfaces without drilling.

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2 MAGFIX fire extinguisher brackets secured to a metallic wall

MAGFIX is a new magnetic pattress for fire extinguishers that can be installed on almost any surface.

There are numerous benefits to using a MAGFIX pattress.

  • Magnetic fixing for metal surfaces.
  • Screw fittings for wood and masonry walls.
  • Fits brackets for all types of extinguishers heavier than 4.5kg.
  • Quick and simple installation.

The ease of installation and universal fittings reduces the time to install a fire extinguisher bracket. Have you seen our video showing just how simple it can be?

With a variety of different fire extinguishers, there are many types of brackets and fittings without forgetting the varied surface types they would be mounted on. This can lead to your installation teams stocking many types of brackets and fittings in their vans. What MAGFIX does is reduce the number of components required by having one universal pattress that can be installed on most surfaces with ease.

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Fire Extinguisher J-Hook

Type 1

The J Type bracket holds powder, water, foam and wet chemical fire extinguishers heavier than 4.5kg. This bracket is the standard size for extinguishers which have the mounting on the back of the bottle.

Fire Extinguisher Lug Type Bracket for 2KG C02

Type 2

Suitable for 2kg C02 Fire Extinguishers. This bracket holds only 2kg Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers which has the mounting on the neck of the bottle.

Fire Extinguisher Lug Type Bracket for 5kg C02

Type 3

This bracket is for 5kg C02 Fire Extinguishers.This neck mounted bottle holds only 5kg Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers.


Magfix Testimonial

MagFix® magnetic fire extinguisher pattress, used at New Superstore Distribution Centre in Essex!!

Rob Sharman of Walker Fire (UK) Ltd, purchased 125 no MagFix® magnetic pattresses, for use with 2kg C02 extinguishers and 6L Biomax foam extinguishers in their recent installation.

Rob stated ‘I decided to use the MagFix® to save time drilling and fixing, the customer was very pleased with the installation and the quality of all products used’.

- Rob Sharman - Walker Fire (UK) Ltd

For any further information on this product or to request a sample please contact us or send us an email


Installing a MAGFIX pattress is very simple. We have created a page with installation instructions to help you fix your fire extinguishers into place safely.


MAGFIX Fire Extinguisher Bracket Installation